Our Story

 So we were globetrotting. First alone. Then one day we found ourselves at the same time on the same spot. In the city of joy – Calcutta. So we went on together. Two travellers, visual artists, ethnic art lovers and hippies at heart. One Slovenian and one Australian. Many continents were hopped, lots of paths walked on, zillions of smiles taken to heart, heaps of beautiful sights seen, plenty of jobs experienced and uncountable beautiful words engraved into our souls. But so many times we had pockets way too empty, with way too many adventures waiting to be experienced. And let’s face it, we weren’t getting any younger either… a little pain here and a tiny twitch there… So it hit us: we had to grow up! Just a little bit. 

It was 2010. Winter was coming. We joined all our passions, added the fact that we could never quite find a good old-fashioned hand-knitted warm wool hat – the kind that our grandmothers were knitting  – scraped together some imagination and creativity, took inspiration from aboriginal dot paintings, and some yarn from granny’s basket of leftover knits and started knitting some hats. Cool hats! Warm hats! Not so old-fashioned at all. Quite colourful and pretty groovy ones. And so Pashin’ was born… In the lovely Slovenian hills on the sunny side of the Alps. 

We took those hats to the other side of the world. To the lovely Nepali valleys on the sunny side of the Himalayas. The only problem was, the Maoists took to the streets for a strike, at the very same moment we were landing with the plane. So for a while we were hiding in the hotel where the receptionists had guns under the counter. Just in case. And we were very quietly getting food in the restaurants that had blinds down and lights out. But with a fair bit of patience, persistence, and will power we got our foot in the door of a lovely Tibetan family, who knows how to make beautiful knitted hats. The Maoists calmed down and the doors opened. And we made some more hats.

Then there was Spring. And we said to ourselves – why don’t we make our own pants also? Just the way we want them. Because we could never find quite the right pants either. And we did. Then we took them to Thailand. There were no Maoists in sight there, but all the same it did take a Japanese samurai sword master to make some more pants. Exactly as we liked them.

And so it all began. The wheels started turning.

We set our course, straightened out our priorities and envisioned our goals. We stand behind what is important to us. Pashin’ comes from “passionate” and we decided that if we follow our passion we would bring happiness to ourselves and others. 

We want to create deliciously unforgettable clothes. We don’t want to be hum-drum, we want to be inspiring. We don’t want to be dull, we want to be colourful. We don’t want to exploit people, we want to work hand in hand with them. We don’t want to resell cheap synthetic clothes, we want to produce quality. We don’t want to be careless, we want to create with love. We don’t want to be plain, we want to be original. We don’t want to be a know-it-all, we want to listen and learn. We don’t want to just take, we want to give back. We don’t want you to feel indifferent wearing our clothes, we want you to feel good in them. We don’t want to make money…. Ummm… Well… OK, so we do want to make some money… Sue us! But the rest of our goals are coming from deeper parts of our souls and are long term.

In short: we want to make a difference. 

Sooo we plowed into the world of making beautiful, original, good quality and ethically sound clothing. And just as we settled on our good course and just as we thought we had got it all figured out….

…. another treasure was born in the lovely Slovenian hills on the sunny side of the Alps. Our daughter. A tiny little confirmation that we did grow up just a little bit. And our world got even bigger, and much more colourful and exciting.  But that is a whole other story!

Let’s just say it is the three of us now wanting to make a difference….