How We Go About It?

Pashin’ creations are inspired by ethnic art. In our winter range the original and colourful woolly hats, gloves, scarves and jackets are inspired by ancient tribal dot paintings from Australia, India and Africa, bringing the spiritual vibrations of this art into our clothing. Our woollen items are made from the softest New Zealand wool, by an expert knitting team of women artisans in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. 

For Summer, Pashin’ has a novel line of unisex pants, skirts, dresses and shirts, some with aboriginal-art-inspired motifs. The mostly free-size clothes are made in Thailand from high-quality Thai cotton, by a Japanese master tailor using silk-screen blocks to produce exclusive prints. We also print rayon with our original designs in Thailand. Part of the range is made in Nepal as well, working with our tailors in small ateliers, perfecting our own designs. 

We follow the fabrication of our clothes from selection of cotton, dyes, buttons and zips all the way to to the final sewing stage. So we can guarantee our fair trade and ecological principles are for real.

Pashin’ is about “slow fashion”, quality-based, not time-based. We work with well-paid local artisans, free from stressful deadlines (you can’t produce quality without time). We create artistic clothing and accessories that are ethically sound and super groovy at the same time. Pashin’ opposes the standardization of taste and instant disposable fashion, by creating hand-crafted garments, to be treasured for many years and not just discarded after one season. 

Pashin’ afficionados can shape their own creative identity with “long-loved” made-to-last clothes that use premium natural materials like high-grade wool and cotton, while respecting the cultural identity and fair working environment of the artisans who make them. Our idea is to make a difference, while dressing you differently.

Why Do We Choose Natural Materials?

Pashin’ works with 100 percent natural wool, cotton, linen, and rayon.

Our customers look for high quality natural materials for their clothes and because we work with small ateliers mostly in Nepal and Thailand, these materials are available. We don’t press a button on a machine in China and roll off thousands of nylon copies! Everything is hand-sewn or hand-knitted. The natural materials are healthier and breathe better in summer and winter. They feel nicer against the skin and are a pleasure to wear, lasting many years. 

Why wool, and why Merino wool? 

Wool has been the material used by humans for thousands of years because it is natural, strong, warm and it breathes. Wool is sustainable, water repellent, dirt and fire resistant, and unlike fibre made from petro-chemicals, wool can self-cleanse, so just by airing our wool garments, smells evaporate. 

Merino wool is a very special wool in that it insulates and adjusts to a wide range of temperatures, so it keeps you warm at minus 20 degrees and you can wear it in weather up to about 20 degrees without heat getting trapped and causing perspiration on the skin. It breathes! 

We source our wool from New Zealand and have it spun, dyed and hand-knitted in Nepal by women artisans in the countryside near Kathmandu. 

Mulesing of Merino sheep in New Zealand has been outlawed recently and although prices are higher now for New Zealand merino wool, our customers appreciate us sourcing our wool in New Zealand where this cruel practice is banned. 

Mulesing is not necessary, as there are alternative methods of preventing flystrike in sheep and secondly, selective breeding practices in New Zealand produce sheep with lower skin wrinkling around the breach. Also temperatures are a little lower in New Zealand than Australia, so flystrike is far less common.

Our second range of plain knitted beanies called SuperSoft uses 100 percent natural lamb’s wool also known as Virgin Wool or New Wool, also sourced in New Zealand. This wool is softer and warmer than normal wool, as it has a finer micron count. Its name comes from the fact it is the wool from the first shearing of a sheep at about seven months old. Due to customer demand we have a fleece band inside. This “fleece” is actually polyester and is good for blocking the wind and if you are very sensitive to wool it gives you a protective layer. 

We encourage our customers though to try merino because it naturally repels water and stays warm when you get rained on. Also it is better to have a very soft non-itchy natural wool that breathes, against your skin! And… this ‘fleece” (polyester) is harmful to the environment. We are trying to source a more environmentally friendly alternative. 

Acrylic is another highly pollutant fibre which we don’t use. Also it is not very warm.


Why 100 percent natural cotton? 

Cotton breathes, so it controls perspiration by wicking, it protects against heat in summer and gives thermal insulation in winter, it is hypoallergenic so does not irritate the skin which is why it is used for medical products and baby clothing.

Our goal is to work with organic cotton as it is softer and healthier for you and the environment. At the moment we are working with low-pesticide cotton but our goal is organic.

We are also exploring hemp mixes as an alternative to cotton as cotton uses much pesticide, insecticide,water and GMO seeds.

Why Natural 100 percent Rayon?

Some of our pants and dresses are made from Rayon. This is a very special cloth made from plant cells.

Rayon, is an eco-friendly man-made fibre from the cellulose in plant cell walls (sustainable wood or bamboo pulp). Cellulose is the world’s most common organic polymer. The cellulose from pulp is converted from purified cellulose into a liquid solution and then forced through a spinneret to create solid fibres of nearly pure cellulose (this is why it is sometimes called a “semi-synthetic” fibre). We source from suppliers who take care with the treatment of the solvent waste generated by the rayon production.

Rayon has special comfort qualities often exceeding cotton such as in moisture dissipation, softness, flowing silk-like feel and colour retention.  

We make our rayon pants and dresses in Thailand because a very high quality rayon is available there. We use the number one quality which has no polyester or petro-chemical blend, so it feels extremely soft, silky, and allows the air to flow through it. It also holds the colour well, without fading from washing or sunlight. Perfect for hot days!